Board of Directors
Board Positions & Members:

President & Contractor at Large   Brandon Mantel of Donamarc Water Systems
 Vice President & District 1 President Nic Sprowls of Beinhower Brothers Drilling
 Secretary/Treasurer & Dist. 2 Trustee Doug Wagner of Moody’s of Dayton, Inc
 Immediate Past President  Steve Kinney of Jamison Well Drilling, Inc.
 Contractor Trustee At Large Keith Smith of Smith Drilling

Manufacturer/Supplier at Large
 David Bapst of Bapst Inc.
 Manufacturer/Supplier at Large Dan Kolath of Franklin Electric
Manufacturer/Supplier at Large Debbie Gantz of Pentair
Manufacturer/Supplier at Large Tom Miller of Preferred Pump
 District 1 Trustee Ryan Bushong of Bushong Drilling LLC
District 2 President Dave Yeager of Yeager Well Drilling
District 3 Trustee  Rob Watson of Watson Well Drilling
District 3 President  Scott Woodworth of Woodworth Drilling & Water Systems
District 4/6 Trustee  Jeff Hardman of Hardman Drilling
District 5 President Kyle Herr of Max Herr Well & Pump
District 5 Trustee Hewie Fredebaugh of Fredebaugh Well Drilling 
 Ohio EPA Representative  Craig Smith 
 Ohio Dept of Health Rep Rachel Townsend
¬†Ohio DNR Representative¬† Jim Raab
OWWA Executive Director Valerie Graham