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If you have questions about water wells, water systems, well drilling or programs and services offered by OWWA, please contact us. In most cases we will refer you to a water system professional or state agency for answers to technical questions.


Ohio Water Well Association, Inc.
2077 Embury Park Rd.
Dayton, OH 45414
PH: 937-278-0308
FX: 937-278-0317


Robert H. Pope, Executive Director


Valerie P. Dahlberg, Associate Director
Legislative Coordinator 
Member Communications and Public Relations


Rachel Pinkus, Office Manager
Continuing Education Administrator
Event Coordinator
Newsletter Editor


Megan Miller, Accounts Manager
Billing and Payments
Event Coordinator


Board of Directors
Board Positions & Members:

 President & Contractor at Large    Steve Kinney of Jamison Well Drilling
 Vice President & Contractor at Large    Brandon Mantel of Donamarc Water Systems
 Secretary/Treasurer & Dist. 2 President    Dave Yeager of Yeager Well Drilling
 Immediate Past President & Dist. 5 Pres.    Kyle Herr of Max Herr Well & Pump Service
 Trustee, Contractor at Large   Fred Schreiber of Fred’s Water Service
 Trustee, Manufacturer/Supplier at Large    Scott Zody of Xylem
 Trustee, Manufacturer/Supplier at Large   Bob McClain of Franklin Electric
 Trustee, Manufacturer/Supplier at Large   Dave Murman of Great Lakes Sales Company
 Trustee, District 1 President   Lew Hilgenberg of Peacock Water
 Trustee, District 1 Trustee   Jay Krumlaw of Carr Supply
 Trustee, District 2 Trustee    Doug Wagner of Moody’s of Dayton
 Trustee, District 3 President    Scott Woodworth of Woodworth Drilling & Water Systems
 Trustee, District 4/6 President    Steve Frontz of FSrontz Drilling 
 Trustee, District 4/6 Trustee   Jeff Hardman of Hardman Drilling
 Trustee, District 5 Trustee   Hewie Fredebaugh of Fredebaugh Well Drilling 
 Ohio EPA Representative    Craig Smith 
 Ohio Dept of Health Rep   Rachel Townsend
 Ohio DNS Representative    Jim Raab
 Insurance Representative   Jeffrey J. Pikel of The DeHayes Group

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